People 4 a Smarter Planet WIN and Web Chat

May 28, 2014

The entry Factory to Fish Farm, by Carrie LeZotte won 2nd prize in the IMB sponsored video contest. A twitterchat hosted by IMB @SmarterPlanet will take place on Thursday, from noon to 1:00.  See all the entries at

The twitter chat will be hosted by the Smarter Planet twitter handle.  Subject matter experts from IBM as well as external influencers (Zooppa Winners) were invited to host the chat as guest experts.  Filmmaker Carrie LeZotte and Gary Wozniak from RecoveryPark will represent the winning entry Factory to Fish Farm.

The chat follows a Q&A format. A maximum of 5 questions will be discussed in each of the sessions. The questions will be posted from the smarter planet twitter handle and participants will be encouraged to give their views.

To participate in the Chat, you will need a Twitter ID, follow @SmarterPlanet and the hash tag #P4SPChat on Twitter, and start contributing! You can also use applications like for your convenience.