Getting an Internship at One of Us Films

Posted by Ellen Williams  Ellen Williams

Going into my senior year at the College for Creative Studies, I knew an internship would be a great stepping stone from school to a career.  I found an ad placed by One of Us Films on, which is a great resource for anyone in the movie business.  I applied for the position through and after some e-mailing back and forth, I was given an interview.

Now, I’m going on my fifth month here and have taken advantage of making this an official internship through school as well.  This way, I can get school credit for my time here, have a little bit lighter course load, and focus on honing my skills.

What I love about my internship at One of Us Films, is gaining experience doing different things.  For example, today I converted QuickTime movie files to Flash video files to get them ready for the web.  I also proofread a script for a finished film to make sure it would be correct for closed captioning.  I have spent other days working entirely in Final Cut Pro or After Effects, and I have also had the opportunity to work at a premiere of one of our movies.  I’ve found that this internship has gotten me to think about all the processes a project must go through before–and the many more after–it is complete.