Excellent News! Videos Receive Three Emmy Nominations

May 14, 2014

One of Us Films is delighted to share the announcement of the three Emmy Nominations received for work produced for Excellent News!  This work was produced in partnership with Excellent Schools Detroit and looks at what’s working in Detroit schools, providing resources for parents and inspirational stories.

The nominated work includes Working with Children, a Man Finds His Path, produced by Judah David, Delray Does Not Equal Decay, produced by Jacob Hurwitz-Goodman, and Ms. Gwen’s Edible Garden, produced by Carrie LeZotte.

To enter the Michigan Emmy® Awards, the work must have had its first distribution in, and have been produced primarily for, the audience in the Michigan market and been broadcast in 2013.  The award gala will take place Saturday, June 14, at the MotorCity Sound Board Theater.

Family Born of Delray from Excellent Schools Detroit on Vimeo.  One of the videos in the four-part series Delray Does Not Equal Decay.