One of Us

One of Us depicts the story of one woman’s emotional struggle after she has been raped by an acquaintance.  As most rapes go unreported, the film’s intent is to present what happens to a woman when this occurs, her dependence on friends and their varying reactions to the assault.  The film leaves questions unanswered to provoke further thought and discussion.

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Hunting Blind

When John tries to talk to his brother Bill about a tragic accident in the past, his refusal of help leads him down a path of self-destruction. When the brothers encounter a trespasser on their land, Bill finds what he has been looking for all along.

2010 release

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Knock Knock on My Door

Josie is living in style with Brett in his fabulous urban loft. When Tony, Brett’s childhood friend, arrives for a visit, he’s not only from Brett’s past, but also Josie’s ex.  She begins to question whether she is happy  with Brett or ready for another adventure with Tony.  Knock Knock on My Door is an entertaining look at one woman’s conflict in finding “the one.”