Delray Does Not Equal Decay

These Emmy winning videos were produced working with the education coalition Excellent Schools Detroit.

Delray is a neighborhood located on the southwest side of Detroit, Michigan. Isolated from other areas of Detroit by industrial warehouses and Interstate 75, population loss has left the area residents fighting blight and environmental pollution.

Despite the challenges, there are strong community members working hard for their families and trying to provide a good foundation for their community’s children. These stories reflect the strength and commitment of people who live there.

Producer Jacob Herwitz-Goodman produced this four-part series on the Delray neighborhood.


Inspired by the book Reimagining Detroit by journalist John Gallagher, he was our subject matter expert and a producer on this project.

Industrial collapse scars cities around the globe. Urban heroes are transforming their cities into more sustainable communities.



By the dawn of the 21 st century, many of the world’s once-powerful centers of industry had lost jobs and population to a devastating degree.  These urban centers include Detroit, Philadelphia, and Youngstown, in the United States, and Torino, Italy, and the Ruhr Valley district of Germany in Europe. Many critics claimed these urban centers  were finished, with no hope of revival or reinvention.

This movie is about the people who disagree…

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Regional Roots

The Birth and Evolution of Detroit and Its People

Covering 300 years of history, Regional Roots uses the immigrant experience as an introduction to the diverse landscape of Detroit. From the earliest French and German settlers to today’s growing communities, immigrants continue to shape the region in pursuit of the American Dream.

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This project was produced in partnership with The Detroit Orientation Institute at Wayne State University.

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