Excellent News! in Excellent Schools Detroit

One of Us Films spent the fall producing a short-form documentary style video series for Excellent Schools Detroit. The goal of these stories was to show what’s working in Detroit’s schools — from early learning and development programs to early college programs. Across the nation and here in Detroit, it’s obvious that in order to truly believe that there are good schools, people need to see and hear for themselves.

The stories have been published on the web at excellentnews.tv  and are intended to be freely shared by the schools, with community organizations and on television.  One of the project goals was to start exploring stories with an eye on a longer form series.

See all the videos on the Vimeo Channel excellentnews.tv  here is one of our favorites:

The Fighter from Excellent Schools Detroit on Vimeo.

Amia Davis went to Detroit Cristo Rey High School where her father works as the school’s custodian. With a passion for Tae Kwon Do, a love of writing, and an intense competitive spirit, it’s no surprise that she would dive into the race for Class Valedictorian.