Ways to help our Kickstarter campaign (please?)

Dear friends,
I’m still getting my footing back after returning from Germany late Thursday. It was a fast and furious trip through Torino, Italy, Bern, Switzerland and a bit of the Ruhr Valley area in Germany. I’m happy with the footage we brought back and can only hope that it can communicate the efforts of post-industrial Europe. The use of post-industrial facilities in Germany was nothing less than mind-blowing and the celebration of cultural heritage both there and in Torino gave me a different perspective on our own historical (industrial) assets. In Bern, we were there for the opening of Tyree Guyton’s show “two countries, two cities, one spirit.”

We are still working on our Kickstarter campaign – where if we don’t get to our $25,000 goal – we don’t get any of it! This week, I’ve set a goal of reaching 100 pledges, that’s 68 to go. So, if you can make a pledge of $10 or $20 to our efforts – please do so now, and thank you to those of you who already have! I keep thinking of that old Faberge Shampoo ad (and she told two friends, and so on…) That’s the idea, right?

Other ways to help out the campaign:

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October 12, 2012

Detroit-based One of Us Films heads to Italy, Switzerland and Germany for the third and final round of production on Lean, Mean & Green, the documentary film inspired by John Gallagher’s book Reimagining Detroit.   The film focuses on post-industrial cities that are transforming from polluted wastelands to environmentally sustainable communities.    A Kickstarter campaign was launched to support post-production efforts.

Carrie LeZotte, producer and director, and Lon Stratton, director of photography, will shoot on location for five days.  Locations include: Torino, Italy, which reinvented itself as an arts and cultural destination after the automotive collapse in the 80s; Bern, Switzerland, where Tyree Guyton of the Heidelberg Project is opening the show “Two Countries, Two Cities, One Spirit” and several areas of the Ruhr Valley region in Germany, where industrial sites have been reclaimed as parks and recreational spaces.

To date, the production has shot in Detroit, Michigan, Youngstown, Ohio, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to help tell the stories of urban gardens and local food economy, community organizing and art, including the Heidelberg Project and the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, and environmental success stories.

“About half the film will take place in Detroit and highlights some of the success we’ve had here in becoming a more sustainable city.  The other locations provide different solutions to urban challenges and help recognize the fact that cities around the world share the same issues,” said director LeZotte.

She recently launched a Kickstarter campaign (http://bit.ly/LMandG ) to assist with funds for post-production.   Pledge rewards include DVD copies of the finished film, copies of Gallagher’s coming book, Revolution Detroit and a bike tour of Detroit production locations.

Support for the production of the film has come from the Michigan Department of Housing Development and Michigan based foundations and businesses including; Quicken Loans, The Michigan Humanities Council, DTE Energy Foundation, The W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and The Kresge Foundation.

For more information contact:

Carrie LeZotte