Hunting Blind – Cleveland Festival Feedback

May 16th, 2011 – by Carrie LeZotte

Hunting Blind has been submitted and rejected from several festivals.   Most don’t provide feedback, but thanks to the Cleveland Film Festival, who did!  Of the three judges, the last one didn’t “get it” and probably kept us from getting accepted.

Congratulations to all involved in creating the work.  The process was well worth it.  Here’s what the judges said:

1. A classic mexican stand off! Right out of  The Good, The Bad, and The
Ugly. The characters are very well portrayed by very good acting and a
good short concept style script. The film’s tension-filled short conflict
captures the viewers interest and holds it until the final ending
“shot”-pun intended. Technically the film looks good and is edited to hold
all of the unpredictable results. My one negative comment is that the film
ends unresolved, although some viewers may love this. This was a very
enjoyable, exciting and gripping short drama, which will make a nice
addition to any festival.
2.The foreshadowing at the beginning, along with the soundtrack set the
mood very well.  I went back and forth between sympathizing with the main
character and fearing him. The altercation in the woods was confusing and
the end was shocking with where it cut off. I felt like it could have been
longer, or the main characters’ backstories could have been better
developed. The viewer gets a shallow background, but I don’t think it was
enough to make the viewer care what happened to him in the end.
3.This was a tough story to follow. I didn’t get that they were brothers,
and couldn’t really understand the backstory. Dialogue was weak, and the
music wasn’t given too much thought. Need to pay attention to detail, too:
they were too clean-shaven to be believable as ‘long weekend’ hunters.
Maybe providing more of a backstory would help develop the characters, and
this film.