Parents’ Choice Recommends Daisy Tells a Secret

“Daisy Tells A Secret is an invaluable resource to help young children learn crucial lessons about personal safety and body ownership,” said the review for the DVD One of Us Films produced for HAVEN.   Daisy Tells a Secret was awarded a recommendation from Parents’ Choice, who provides Children’s Media & Toy Reviews.  You can see the entire review here.

Reimagining Detroit Design Project

by Carrie LeZotte

Back in early March, One of Us Films was invited to a special showcase of student work at the College for Creative Studies, held by the Department of Entertainment Arts; Animation + Live Action + Game Art.  The students presented samples of their work in progress in addition to a one-hour compilation reel from the department.  WOW.

Over the years, we have hosted several interns at One of Us Films, many being from CCS, which is just a few miles from our downtown office.  I was so impressed by the work I saw, I immediately was trying to think of a way I could provide an internship to ALL of them!  Knowing that we have the documentary Reimagining Detroit in development, I came up with the idea to have interns riff on the themes of the book.

While our current intern has developed the book jacket into t-shirts, hoodies and tote bags – Reimagining Detroit can go in so many directions, and how fun would it be to showcase the work of young designers and engage the community early in the process of developing the film?  So that’s what we’re doing, which has been a fun creative break for me from writing grants and knocking on doors for financing.

We held our first meeting and will be really getting to work once the school year wraps up.  To follow the work and support the project visit our indiegogo page.