One of Us film finally (!!) available on DVD

posted by Carrie LeZotte

Before the internet and digital revolution, films were first made on film.  One of Us, the short that launched the company, is now available on DVD!  This release includes a commentary about the making of the project.  And looking back on it, it’s still amazing to me that a bunch of college kids got together and made something this good–telling a compelling story without seeming dated. …even if none of the people in the movie use cell phones.

One of Us depicts the story of one woman’s emotional struggle after she has been raped by an acquaintance.  As most rapes go unreported, the film’s intent is to provide a window into what happens to a woman when this occurs, her dependence on friends and their varying reactions to the assault.

Buy the film for $19.95 To see the trailer and for more info on the movie, click here.

Jennifer Jill White as Jenn.
Jennifer Jill White as Liz.